Kid's Safety Camps
Every summer, kids in second through fourth grades have an opportunity to attend a two-day kids safety camp.
Currently, the Anoka County Sheriff's Office, Blaine/Spring Lake Park, Coon Rapids, Fridley and Ramsey hold safety camps for area youth.
This is a wonderful experience for your children to work with fire, police and EMS personnel learning about every day safety in a variety of subject areas.
Typical topics can include:
  • Brian injury prevention including bike helmets
  • Water safety
  • Poison prevention
  • Electrical hazards
  • Child passenger safety
  • Personal safety/self defense
  • Eddie Eagle (firearms awareness)
  • Animal safety
  • Fire prevention/safety
  • First aid basics
  • Bullying prevention
  • Internet safety
Contact your nearest fire or police agency for more information.
(763) 767-4664
(763) 785-6113
(763) 767-6429
(763) 572-3629
(763) 433-9890